Sweets at Congress

Have you been to David Bull’s trio of fabulousness on 2nd Street and Congress? You need to. Seriously. It’s GOOD.

The first time I simply stopped by the bar with a very specific drink in mind: something refreshing with fernet, but it couldn’t be sweet or pink. I asked our server to have the bartender mix up what he would. The result? One of the most satisfying libations I have had the pleasure of consuming. To my further surprise, he came out from behind the bar to introduce himself and explain the drink. My response: can I hug you???

There have been a couple of other dining tales, but the one that stands out best: a dessert extravaganza! And I’m not even a dessert person! Their Pastry Chef will rock your sweet tooth in ways you didn’t know possible.

And here’s what we had (now if only I could remember the descriptions):

Grapefruit sorbet with campari poprocks and a slew of other goodies.

Sweet potato beignets sprinkled with chicory, served with salted butter ice cream.

A play on a hoho (?) with a surprise cream center. In the back (and not really pictured): a pecan pie filled doughnut served with a whiskey milkshake. Um.. YUM! The plates left fully cleaned and I was ready to fall over into a blissful sugar coma.

Did I mention (or have you heard) Congress received 5 stars from the Stateman Restaurant Critic? Surpassing even Uchi and Uchiko? Yeah, I’d say they’re doing pretty well at this new restaurant gig.


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