If you’re reading this blog, support craft beer, and live in Texas, you likely know 4 Texas breweries took home medals at this year’s GABF, an incredible win for the Lone Star State and its growing craft beer scene. One of those breweries was Austin Beerworks; they received a silver medal in the English-style summer ale category for their Peacemaker.

I met one of the owners, Michael, at a Craft Beer Tweet Up and he was kind enough to invite us on a tour; uh.. yes, please! We took him up on the offer and visited the brewery a couple of weeks later. The guys who work there were all awesome – welcoming, informative, passionate about what they do, and they answered all of my I’m-a-lightweight-and-two-drinks-in questions.

In honor of that win, and because we now had a 6 pack in our fridge, we created this tasty snack based around the Peacemaker:

And while I typically will not endorse or promote a particular product, well, let’s just say the corner store next to my work can hardly keep Austin Beerworks on the shelves and, when they do, I’m usually heading home with more beer than I probably need…

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